How likely is a winning streak in blackjack and how can you make the most of one?

How likely is a winning streak in blackjack and how can you make the most of one?

There is no doubt that online gambling is on the rise in the modern world as more and more of us play casino games over the internet now. One of the most popular games around is blackjack. Much of this popularity lies in how simple it is to pick up and how much strategy it contains. It is also a game that delivers lots of excitement and drama, which is never bad!

Of course, it is also popular because pretty much every online casino site carries a few different blackjack games to try. Resorts Casino is the best NJ online casino in many people’s eyes and is careful to include popular games like blackjack for its players. This, along with its reputation for fair and transparent play, has helped Resorts Casino flourish over time. Blackjack is also known for having one of the lowest house edges around at internet casinos.

The dream for many players is going on a winning streak in blackjack to make lots of money. But how likely is this to happen?

Blackjack winning streaks can happen

While blackjack is not overly volatile, it is still possible to experience small winning streaks. Many players, for example, will often win a few hands on the bounce. But what do the stats have to say about this?

While small winning runs can occur at times in blackjack, larger winning streaks are not too common. Most winning runs in this game only last up to four hands. Past this, the chances of the streak carrying on get smaller and smaller. A nine-hand winning streak in blackjack, for example, has a 0.1% of happening. A two-hand winning streak, though, has a 22.5% chance of occurring. That backs up our original point that winning streaks in blackjack tend to be over with quickly.

How can you take advantage of this?

For many players, the best idea isto adoptspecific strategies to use when a winning streak starts. Perhaps the easiest tip is using a progressive staking system. Thatmeans you increase your bet amounts when on a hot streak. You can then change back to normal staking when not on a winning run.

One of the most common is the Paroli System which sees you double your bet amount after every win. After three wins, you stop and go back to your original stake amount – before doing it all again the next time you win.

Blackjack can be streaky at times

Although other games are far streakier, blackjack can be home to small winning runs. The key for any player is to recognize when they are happening and to make the most of them. This makes winning when gambling a far less challenging affair. By changing up your staking system when on a hot run, you can quickly begin to make sequences of winning hands work harder for you.